Fit Services & Pricing

WRC Motion Capture Video Fit  

Wheat Ridge Cyclery is now using the latest in fit technology!  We've enhanced our excellent fit department and staff with the astounding capabilities of the Specialized Body Geometry Fit data and Dartfish video software for analysis of body, knee and foot angles, and knee tracking.  This is an interactive, real-time system that allows the rider to see the affects of positioning changes on pedal stroke and upper body posture. Expect to spend 1.5 - 2 hours with us for this epic journey.

  • Pre-fit interview to ascertain pre-existing injuries or conditions and expectations of riding experience.
  • Physical measurements and a flexibility assessment.
  • Measure your existing bike and note any problems 
  •    with the bike or equipment.
  • Foot/shoe/cleat/pedal system is analyzed for power
  • and natural alignment.
  • Saddle selection if needed, proper seat height, 
  • fore/aft position and tilt for power and comfort.
  • Includes pedal system analysis (PSA)

Come ready with questions and complaints, we want to make a difference in your cycling experience!

Serotta SizeCycle Fitting     

If you are interested in a new custom road, tri, or mountain bike,
or just want to know, “What bike should I ride?” We can help you
determine this with the Serotta SizeCycle. Designed by bicycle
fitting pioneer Ben Serotta. The SizeCycle can adjust to most any
athlete, finding the right body position and frame design to achieve
a comfortable, efficient, high performance riding experience.

Pedal System Analysis     

-Saddle height & fore and aft adjustment (find a proper saddle, if
-Proper cleat placement (fore, aft, and rotational)
-Proper support of foot
-Varus/valgus alignment of foot
-this service is only available to those who have had a Pro Bike Fit
     from WRC or another reputable shop within the last 5 years.

*Aerobar positioning and Tri-specific fittings are an additional $35
and can be tailored to your event specialties.





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